BF4 Gun Salute for Sith-Olli Friday 8pm

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TOGA Member
Mar 30, 2015
Leicester UK
Please join me to make a short gun salute video for Sith Ollie in BF4.

Friday 06/05/22 at around 20:00 GMT. It would be great if I could get about 10 of us to attend just to make a short BF4 video to put on our forums to remember good times with Sith as we all met in BF4.

Here is my idea. There will be a procession followed by a Gun Salute.
Two rows of troops walking in line through Operation Metro A to C, Operation Locker A- E. These were probably his favourite maps although suggestions are appreciated. During this time you can share a bit of memories from all of our gaming days. This will be blended into start of the video. Or i can just leave it silent with some Stars wars ambient music.

All troops then exit top elevator onto Seige of Shangai Rooftop C. Highest point in the game. Everyone has to choose one of Siths top three weapons: Saiga 12K, M249, MG4. We will line up in an orderly fashion. There will be a signal then everyone raises gun to sky and empties the clip.

I will try to sort a server to do this on. In the mean time everyone interested please re-download your BF4 in preperation. If you haven't been online in a while we are using a TOGA Discord now. Discord information is available from PMing a member.



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